Vision for Education


Gulf Coast Classical Academy is a true classical Latin homeschool hybrid. Our students master the liberal arts.  They explore the humanities through the Great Books of history and literature.


Gulf Coast Classical is grounded in the precepts of Western Christianity, and we tacitly uphold Christian values and the tenets expressed in the Apostles’ Creed.  We believe that character, wisdom, and discernment are integral to the education of the whole person. 


Gulf Coast Classical Academy celebrates the traditional model of classroom instruction.  Classes are led by enthusiastic, qualified teachers in an orderly and disciplined manner.  This beautifully calm environment allows our students to be challenged and supported.

About Us

Virtual Cottage School

Gulf Coast Classical Academy is proud to offer a cottage school program, also known as a homeschool hybrid, designed to foster true teacher – parent collaboration for a classical education.  School is in session on Tuesdays and Thursdays and teacher led classes are offered in a a-la-carte fashion.  

Courses are taught virtually by knowledgeable, passionate teachers, and class size is kept to a minimum.  Instruction is provided through our Zoom classroom platform, with parent supported independent work being completed at home following a detailed agenda. 


The classical model of education is not new.  It is tried, time-tested, and proved to have produced some of the most influential thinkers and doers in history.  

In classical education, students study the classics and the classical languages that produced them and the liberal arts:  the best that has been thought and said, and the intellectual skills that equip a student to think critically.  A classical education cultivates wisdom and virtue through the study of great books and develops basic critical thinking sklls  to recognize and defend truth, beauty, and goodness.

Our Mission

Wisdom and Virtue

Gulf Coast Classical Academy partners with parents to teach wisdom and virtue through the classical tradition. We arm our students with the tools to recognize and defend truth, goodness and beauty; we expect them to become exemplary citizens with a life-long passion for learning.