Our Purpose

At Gulf Coast Classical Academy, we support Christian families in educating their children to the highest standards.  Equipping them with wisdom and virtue to recognize truth, goodness, and beauty in the world.  We promote the transmission of culture- Western Civilization through Latin-centered classical Christian core curriculum. 

What is Classical Education?

Classical Christian education is the study of the classics (and the classical languages that produced them) and the liberal arts. It is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through the Great Books and the mastery of critical thinking skills needed to preserve and pass on the ideals of Western civilization.  


Gulf Coast Classical Academy was founded in 2018 by the Anstett family as a classical homeschool hybrid.  Desiring truly classical and Christian education, we discovered there were no options in Pinellas county.  We started in 2018 with a few families and passionate teachers.  We modeled our program after the Highlands Latin Cottage school program in Louisville, KY.  We are a partner school of the Classical Latin School Association. 

We are very excited to expand to a full-time private school Fall of 2021!  We will have Primary and grammar grades (1st through 6th ) plus 7th/8th this year.  We plan to add one additional grade per year until we reach 12th grade. 

We are on the campus of Bethel Lutheran church, who have adopted Gulf Coast Classical as a ministry.