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At Gulf Coast Classical, we believe the study of Latin in the Grammar school years sharpens the mind, develops critical thinking, and enhances problem solving.  We implement classical, Latin-centered Christian curriculum from Memoria Press.  



  • First Start Reading, Classical Phonics, Phonics Reader sets
  • Literature
  • MP Numbers books, Rod and Staff Math
  • Science
  • Bible story read-aloud, Memoria Press copybooks
  • American Studies


  • First Start Reading, Classical Phonics, Spelling Workout, Copybook, New American Cursive
  • Literature
  • Rod and Staff Math 1
  • Science
  •  Bible story read-aloud, Memoria Press copybooks 
  • American Studies



  • Classical Phonics, Spelling Workout, Phonics for Reading and Spelling, New American Cursive
  • Prima Latina
  • Literature
  • Rod and Staff Math 2
  • Science
  •  Bible story read-aloud, Memoria Press copybooks 
  • American Studies



  • Latina Christiana
  • Rod and Staff Math 3
  • Literature & Poetry
  • States & Capitals/ Enrichment Reading
  • Greek Mythology
  • Christian Studies I
  • Astronomy
  • Spelling Workout; IEW All Things Fun and Fascinating; New American Cursive 3; English Grammar Recitation I


  • First Form Latin
  • Rod and Staff Math 4
  • Literature & Poetry
  • Review States & Capitals, Geography of Europe, North Africa, Middle East
  • Famous Men of Rome
  • Christian Studies II
  • Insects
  • Spelling Workout; Classical Composition: Fable; Grammar Recitation II


  • Second Form Latin
  • Rod and Staff Math 5
  • Literature & Poetry
  • Review Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Oceania, & the Americas 
  • Famous Men of the Middle Ages
  • Christian Studies III
  • Birds, Exploring the World of Medicine
  • Spelling Workout; Classical Composition: Narrative; English Grammar Recitation III


  • Third Form Latin
  • Rod and Staff Math 6
  • Literature & Poetry
  • Review Geography.  American History:  The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and the Great Republic
  • Famous Men of Greece,  The Trojan War,  Horatius at the Bridge
  • Christian Studies IV, The Bronze Bow
  • Trees, Exploring the World of Biology
  • Spelling Workout; Classical Composition: Chreia/Maxim; English Grammar Recitation IV
  • Greek Alphabet

5th day enrichment



Every Monday Gulf Coast Classical Academy offers a full slate of optional enrichment courses to complement our core four-day academic schedule. These enrichment days allow our students to explore subjects in more creative ways, including: 

  • STEAM programs, such as robotics
  • Problem-solving, critical thinking modules
  • Short and long-term project-based learning
  • Lessons in moral and ethical leadership
  • Additional foreign languages, such as German
  • Oration and dramatic presentations 


$250 Deposit upon registration - applied to tuition

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