Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Jennifer Johnson – Academic Dean, 1st & 2nd Grade, Classical Studies, and Geography Teacher

Dr. Johnson has a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the College of Education at the University of South Florida. Her doctoral work focused on the use of primary sources and Socratic Seminars in the secondary classroom. Prior to her doctorate, Dr. Johnson earned a Masters in American and Ancient History from USF, a BA in both History and Religion from Palm Beach Atlantic University, and teaching certification from Saint Petersburg College. Her most memorable educational experience was during her undergraduate career when she spent a semester studying Medieval and Renaissance history and literature at Oxford University. Though she loves Florida and being an American, England is her home away from home.

Dr. Johnson has 16 years of teaching experience and has taught almost every grade level from first grade through senior capstone courses at University of South Florida. She gained her years of experience teaching in public, private, and classical schools. She has also won awards for her teaching, as well as has been published in educational journals and presented at state and national education conferences. The last two years she has taught online, while also homeschooling her own children using the Memoria Press classical core curriculum. Dr. Johnson will be teaching the combined first and second grade class, as well as upper school classical studies and geography. Her older children, Andrew (5th grade) and Katie (2nd grade), will be attending Gulf Coast also. She is thankful to be a part of what God is doing at Gulf Coast and is excited to be returning to what she believes is the best model of education for all students—a classical Christian curriculum that emphasizes not only Latin and the great books of Western Civilization, but more importantly, the cultivating of wisdom and virtue.

Carol Eichinger, M.A. – Latin Teacher

Magistra Eichinger holds a Master of Arts Degree from the Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her Masters degree was in English, but she also attained a minor in both education and Latin. Early on she discovered her passion for Latin as so many English words had a Latin base, and English grammar was easily understood after learning the grammar of Latin.

Magistra Eichinger taught English and Latin her entire career. She has traveled abroad to Europe, India, and Asia and brings her experiences to the classroom. In 2004, she moved to Orlando, Florida where she began a Latin program for the Orange County school district.

She retired from full-time teaching in 2015 and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. She began teaching Latin for Gulf Coast Classical Academy in 2018. Latin has always been her educational candy and she has thoroughly enjoyed teaching this marvelous language to students of any age.

Pastor Douglas Kirk – Science and Geography Teacher

Pastor Kirk holds a Master of Theology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He also has a BA in Zoology and Teaching from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

While serving as a Pastor, he also taught in private and public schools. He has started two Marine biology curriculums in Florida and the Virgin Islands where he was the chair of the science and math departments.

Pastor Kirk has been a tour leader for Worldstrides Adventures, a large educational group that features worldwide student travel experience. Pastor Kirk has also coached several sports. Although he has retired from the Pastorate after more than 40 years, he now teaches science and biology at Gulf Coast Classical Academy. Pastor Kirk enjoys sharing his passion for studying God’s creation.

Mrs. Dana Maddock, M.A. – Literature and Composition Teacher

Dana Maddock holds a Master of Arts degree in English from California State University. Her thesis focused on the female Byronic hero in American literature.  She was named Graduate Student of the Year for her work.

Mrs. Maddock has been teaching literature, composition, and rhetoric at the university level for over 20 years. During that time, she assisted in the development of and teaching at two writing centers, was published in a prominent writing journal, and presented on Shakespeare at literary conferences.

Mrs. Maddock also served as the National Manager of Education for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation’s character development program.  During her tenure there, she traveled throughout the country alongside Medal of Honor recipients presenting lessons in character education to secondary school educators; she was also tasked with the program’s social media, webinars, and curriculum development.

Before joining Gulf Coast Classical, Mrs. Maddock’s most treasured teaching position was that of directing and teaching the Gifted and Talented program for grades 1–6 at a rural elementary school in Idaho. However, nothing surpasses the opportunity of teaching at Gulf Coast Classical Academy, where the beauty and practicality of classical education are taught within the context of Christian faith.

Mrs. Jessica Reule, M.Ed. – Math, Latin, and Greek Teacher

Mrs. Reule graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Classics and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  Mrs. Reule has always had a passion for both mathematics and language learning. She initially studied Latin while a math major in college to simply meet a foreign language requirement. However, she quickly fell in love with not only the structure of the language, which felt very comfortable and familiar as a student of math, but with the deep history and rich culture that a study of Latin cannot be separated from.

Mrs. Reule comes to Gulf Coast with 8 years of teaching experience in a range of subjects from Mathematics and Computer Science to Latin and Greek. She is eager to share her love for the classical model, believing that a true classical program reveals the true the good and the beautiful — the best of what is both timeless and timely.